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Providing a Comprehensive Approach to Individualized Care

Wellsprings Wellness takes pride in the provision of Integrated Care to our Patients.

Integrated Care blends the expertise of mental health providers, diagnostic laboratory testing, psychotropic medication management, genetic psychotropic testing, and psychological testing along with feedback from patients and their caregivers. This creates a team-based approach where all aspects of your mental health care are offered in the same setting. Coordinating all aspects of your mental health care in this way allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to your individualized mental healthcare.

We offer On-Site Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management, Outpatient Counseling Services (Individual, Couples, & Groups), On-Site Psychological Testing, Genetic Psychotropic Testing, Targeted Case Management Services, Community Support Services, Assessments, Psycho-Educational Courses, and Diagnostic & Laboratory Testing.

We strive to empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives. The providers at Wellsprings Wellness have diverse life and professional experiences that enhance their ability to relate to and communicate with adults, children and teens.  

Please call our office today or to learn more about our services or to schedule your appointment with one of our dedicated providers!

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Now accepting new Clients for Psychiatry, Psychological Services, Counseling, and Case Management!

You may contact us for an appointment with one of our well qualified team members.  You can reach us by phone, fax, email, or through our website. 

This form should not be used for communication regarding ongoing care. For any issues or concerns regarding your ongoing care, please call our office. This form should not be utilized in emergency situations. If you require emergency treatment or care, please contact your local Emergency Room or dial 911.

200 Belmont Avenue

Somerset, KY 42501

Tel: 606.687.2038

Tel: 606.910.3333
Fax: 606.200.3654

Thank you for contacting us.

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