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What is Integrated Care?

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Integrated Care combines all aspects of mental health care into one setting. Why consider Integrated Healthcare?

  • Psychiatric healthcare settings provide about half of all mental health care for common psychiatric disorders;

  • Adults with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders also have higher rates of chronic physical illnesses than the general population;

  • People with common physical health conditions also have higher rates of mental health issues.



Providing Integrated Care helps patients and their providers. It blends the expertise of multiple disciplines of mental healthcare, and diagnostic laboratory testing, with feedback from patients. This creates a team-based approach where multiple mental health care services are offered in the same setting. 


How does it Work?

Integrated Care meets all of a patient’s mental health needs in one setting. At Wellsprings, we are able to provide psychiatric healthcare services, a variety of psychotherapy (counseling) services, genetic psychotropic testing, diagnostic laboratory services, and case management services if applicable to your diagnosis. While you may not need all of our services, imagine traveling to one clinic and being able to receive any (or all) of the above services from specializing providers under one roof.

Scope of Practice, and why is it Important?

What is Scope of Practice?

  • “Scope of practice” is defined as the activities that an individual health care provider is permitted to perform within a specific profession. 

  At Wellsprings, we believe it is critical that you receive specialized care from a provider who has obtained the appropriate training and education to be able to provide that type of care. Our providers have the appropriate credentials and licensing to be able to provide specialized care....all under one roof and in person.

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